Maria Sampaio

Friday November 8 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm

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Maria Sampaio

"Making the Mula - NOT your typical Marketing class! "

When we go to workshops everyone is excited about the Art! But what about Money? Lets face it…. like it or not, we all need MONEY!


Let Maria Sampaio show you how she gets people in the studio, and how she makes money! Maria will discuss low entry events and how she converts them to great sales and her Marketing strategies with other business owners! It’s important to note that Maria just sold her successful studio in Pittsburgh PA of 11 years (in Dec 2018)  and moved across the country to Charleston, SC and immediately opened her studio and started making money. If anyone can discuss Marketing and getting people in the door fast - its her.


Join Maria to hear about her profitable children events marketing strategies!

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Who is Maria Sampaio?

Maria Sampaio is an award winning portrait artist with a passion for helping families preserve their memories. “Life is in constant motion, and it can change in one split second,” she says. “It stops for no one. It's all too easy to forget those little details that can be so important."


Her expertise in composition, lighting, posing, and color harmony help her create art that is timeless and becomes elegant heirlooms that will be passed down from one generation to the next. Maria believes in celebrating life - a family’s love, history, and legacy. “I want clients that treasure family above all else, because that is what I treasure most,” Maria says. Maria also treasures the imagination and innocence of children, which is why she also creates whimsical fairy tale images that celebrates play and fun.


Maria loves photography, but her true love is painted portraits. She painstaking creates each painted portrait, paying attention to every tiny detail, so that when it hangs in a family’s home forever, it is a sweet reminder of their love and a time they wish they could visit again. Children grow so fast.


Before she moved to Charleston, Maria owned and operated a successful studio in Pittsburgh, PA for more than a decade. She sold the brand in search of the dream of living in beautiful Charleston, SC and never seeing snow again.


She opened Castelo Portrait Art, and named it in honor of her late father, whose middle name was Castelo. “Although my father did not know the first thing about art, he (along with my mother) was my biggest supporter. I miss him terribly, so I named my new art studio after him. Seeing his name on the front of my studio each day brings me a heightened sense of pride.”

“I photograph the world as I want it to be, never as others see it. There is beauty everywhere.”                                                                                                                                    - MARIA SAMPAIO, M. Photog., M. Artist, Cr.

Maria Sampaio

Castelo Portrait Art