Print Competition

Thursday November 7

at Jordan Commons starting at 10:00am

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Print Competition

Thursday, November 7 at Jordan Commons starting at 10:00am

Welcome to the IPPA Annual Print Competition 2019. Entering local print competition is one of the best ways to learn and grow your skills as a photographer. Keep in mind that print competition is not an exact science but more like a game involving skill, style, originality and creativity. In addition to that you have to learn the rules of the game and how the game is played. The same print may not score the same with every panel of judges. All judges have different skill sets and while some may understand and "get" your vision others may not. Pay attention to the judges comments if there are any and instead of being offended by negative comments try to learn and be better because of them. 

Local print competition is a great breaking in and practice forum if you plan to enter nationally and are working on your PPA Masters Degree. Our IPPA jury panel this year is made up of 4 affiliate judges and 3 in training. That is the most affiliate judges we have ever had on the same panel. The panel this year is;

Dennis Hammon - Jury Chair

Sandra Pearce

Jeff Dachowski

Audrey Wancket

Cheri Hammon

Bryan Welsh

Maria Sampaio

Some of the judges will be staying around for a few days so bring your images on a tablet or laptop if you would like to get their input on how to improve your images and get them ready for district.


To enter the IPPA Annual Print Competition these are the steps.


1. Download and read the IPPA Print Rules for 2019. There have been some significant changes so make sure you read through all the rules carefully. (ie this years print competition is digital only. The only prints would be in the finished product category. Also we are following the new PPA rules for wedding category for images taken during the day of the event. Bridal and/or Engagement/Couple images taken prior to or following the wedding day would be entered in the General Portrait categories.)

2. Register and pay the print case fee on

   - $95 for members of IPPA, Wyoming, Idaho, or Colorado PPA attending Elevate

   - $140 for members of IPPA, Wyoming, Idaho, or Colorado PPA not attending Elevate

   - $150 for non-members

   - $30 per image if entered individually

3. Select and prepare your images for submission. Make sure to read the IPPA Print Rules for 2019. Early case deadline is Monday November 4 by midnight. Late deadline is midnight the day prior with a $50 late fee applied payable at the website. Images should be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels and have an embedded color profile of either sRGB or  Adobe RGB1998 and saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Files are to be named: Print_Name.jpg (e.g. Midnight_Gold.jpg).

4. Pay the $6 membership fee and submit the images on

5. If entering Finished Product submit the digital copy on and bring the finished product entry to the Jordan Commons the morning of the competition. 

6. You MUST have your IPPA dues paid in full before the competition begins to be eligible for awards. Go to or contact if you are not sure if you are current. 

7. Awards will be given out at the Awards Banquet on Saturday November 9 at 6:30pm at Jordan Commons. The fee for the banquet is $45 payable on The $289 bundled price included Elevate, one print case entry, and the banquet.

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